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5 Signs You May Be Growing Into Your Best Self

5 Signs You May Be Growing Into Your Best Self
As some of you may know, we at Purpose Smoothie Co like to live our lives by the mantra "Learn, Grow, and Adapt". We like to think of life as a journey, and to us, this mantra embodies what it means to be constantly evolving and working to be your best self. 

This year in particular has been one of the most testing and character-building I can personally remember. In fact, the entire world has had to learn, grow, and adapt this year, and it's only gone to show that evolution can be uncomfortable but necessary. With that in mind I wanted to share with you some valuable information regarding signs of growth. Growth is something that can often be subtle and almost imperceptible, however, it's incredibly important to keep track of and celebrate. So without further ado, here are 5 signs that you may be growing into your best self: 
  1. You're uncomfortable.
    That's right, you're unsatisfied, you feel complacent, you're craving something new. These feelings don't mean you're unhappy, they mean you're craving change, they mean you've grown out of your routine and want something better for yourself! Don't shy away from it, embrace it head on.
  2. Your social circle is shrinking.
    It may feel like it, but this is not a loss. We're connected with thousands of people on social media who we call "friends", but a large part of growth is cutting out those that aren't feeding your soul, and nurturing the relationships with those that do enrich you. Don't think of it as losing friends, see it as losing negative energy. 
  3. You're learning about yourself.
    Realizing your patterns, habits, and biases is a vital part of growing. The more you know about yourself, the easier it becomes to sort out the good and the bad. We're not perfect, we all have our healthy mix of virtues and flaws, but as we begin to better understand what makes us tick, we're able to unlock the best version of ourselves. 
  4. You don't care what others think of you.
    If I could wave a magic wand and give everyone this ability I would. Learning to be confident in who you are and not care how others may perceive you is a superpower when unlocked. Growing means understanding yourself but also being comfortable with yourself. The day you stop caring what others think, is the day you can truly say you are comfortable with who you are. 
  5. You're questioning yourself.
    You spend time pondering your direction in life, you question your reactions, you search for purpose in what you do. This is all healthy behaviour attached to the process of growth. This type of thoughtful and deliberate questioning is what allows us to truly understand who we are and what we want. It is growth taking its root in preparation for the blossoming of your best self. 
If these are some of the signs you've been noticing in yourself lately, I hope this has helped you realize the growth you're undertaking. Growth is never really easy or comfortable, but it is absolutely necessary. I would urge you to keep learning and keep striving for growth, and until next time, keep living with Purpose!

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