6 Ways to Become a Better Learner

6 Ways to Become a Better Learner

We at Purpose value learning as much as anything; one of the key motivations of our shop has always been teaching people like you the benefits of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As such, I figured I'd share some ways you can make learning and growth a priority in your own life. 

1. Be Curious
This is probably the most obvious suggestion, but it can't be overstated enough. Curiosity is the first and most crucial step to learning. What does it look like? Curiosity manifests itself in the form of questions, in thoughtful consideration, and observation. Funnily enough in opening this email you've already exercised curiosity, congratulations, keep it up!

2. Don't Make Assumptions
Assumptions are where learning stops. Whether you make assumptions because you trust your own judgement, or because you're afraid to ask questions, they're entirely self-limiting. Assumptions represent gaps in knowledge that can and should be filled by letting go of your ego and asking the right questions. A key part of learning that many struggle with is the simple step of admitting you don't know something, stop being ashamed and start seeing everything you don't know as a learning opportunity instead. 

3. Challenge Yourself
Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Learning isn't meant to be easy, it requires determination, focus, and discipline, and more often than not it requires you to get out of your comfort zone, it requires you to fall and get back up again repeatedly. Don't shy away from challenges, embrace them, we promise you'll come out the other side all the better for it. 

4. Question Everything
Along with not making any assumptions, don't take any information for granted. Channel that inner child that never stops asking "why?" Questions get you answers, and from answers come a deeper understanding. There are layers to learning that thoughtful and pointed questions can help you unravel. For instance, we all understand to some degree that cars work by converting fuel into energy that helps propel the car by spinning its wheels, but how many of us could open a car up and explain the purpose of each part? Question even the things you know, odds are you may gain a deeper understanding or new perspective on them. 

5. Travel 
Whether near or far, travelling is one of the best ways to gain new experiences and learn. The beauty of travelling is how it allows us to break away from our routine and explore something new. The excitement of travel allows our mind to occupy a more adventurous and curious state, making us ripe for new information. The wonders of unexplored cities, cultures, and people unseen are some of the great joys of life and can teach you so much about the world and yourself. Of course, with the state of the world right now travel options are severely limited, but it's the perfect time to explore our own beautiful backyard of BC!

6. Talk to Everyone
Old and young, regardless of background and level of education, the people all around us on a daily basis are our greatest source of knowledge. Everyone you ever meet has something valuable they can teach you, whether it be a fun fact, a piece of wisdom, or something more substantial. Personally, I take the time to see all three of my grandparents every week. I enjoy learning about my own history from them and getting the best advice on every topic imaginable. Every conversation you ever have with another human being has the potential to teach you something new and valuable. If you go forth with this notion in mind you'll be a lifelong learner. 

As Oliver Wendell Holmes put it, "one's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." Learning not only opens your mind, it stretches it to new possibilities. Life is so rich of people and experiences, don't let them go by you unnoticed, cherish them and allow them to enrich you. As far as we see it,  becoming a better learner is synonymous with becoming a better person. We're committed to being better every day, how about you?

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