7 Tips to Becoming More Adaptable

7 Tips to Becoming More Adaptable

A quality we at Purpose value incredibly is Adaptability. An adaptable person is one that is prepared to succeed no matter the circumstances. As we've all learned, life can be wildly unpredictable but being an adaptable person will allow you to knock all of life's curveballs out the park. As you might already know, we at Purpose love to live by the mantra "Learn, Grow, and Adapt", with that in mind today we've compiled 7 key tips to help you become a more adaptable person. 

1. Take Risks
Practice throwing yourself into the fire by taking risks, do it so often that it becomes second nature. The fire will start to feel like home, and you'll discover all you're capable of when your backs against the wall. Being a risk taker won't make the unknown any more knowable, it will however make it a lot more comfortable!

2. Think Positive
A can-do attitude is absolutely necessary when dealing with any kind of challenge in life. So many people fail before they even get started by convincing themselves they're incapable. Don't let your mind be your enemy, carry yourself with the utmost confidence and swagger, you're going to need that mentality to overcome obstacles. 

3. Open Your Mind 
Think big! Don't set limits on yourself, explore all options, leave no stone unturned. The more options you give yourself to maneuver and navigate, the more adaptable you'll be. Think beyond the limitations you think exist, find those loopholes and break down those barriers. 

4. Be a Learner
Learn, learn, and learn some more. A mind packed full of knowledge and experiences is a mind capable of adaptation. The more you know, the more tools you have in your toolbox, it's as simple as that. Through knowledge and experience we gain crucial wisdom that can help us navigate even the most unpredictable waters. 

5. Take Control
Refuse to be a victim. Understand that the external world and circumstances are beyond our control, but our reactions and our actions are wholly our own. Realize the power you wield and unlock its full potential, you and your mind alone are mighty enough for any challenge. 

6. Embrace Creativity
Don't be afraid to fail, think outside the box and swing for the fences. Creativity and imagination are our greatest assets as a species. Adaptability comes handy in those moments when life is not going as planned, a creative person will feel at home in such moments. Embrace your instincts, improvise, and commit 100%, you'll be shocked at what you can accomplish in only a moments notice. 

7. Don't Wait 
Patterns and traditions were meant to be overturned, don't let someone saying "we've always done it this way" stop you from creating change! Adaptation shouldn't be a last ditch effort, it should be an ongoing process. Experiment, iterate, trial, and test. Stop waiting for change to become necessary, be two steps ahead of it!

As Charles Darwin once said, "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Adaptability is an essential trait, don't let life get the best of you, stay on your toes and stay ready to adapt, and as always, keep living with Purpose!
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