Our Purpose

My name’s Braeden Ralla and I started Purpose Smoothie Co with the mission to provide the most nutritious and delicious snacks and smoothies, while inspiring and educating the community to live with purpose. 

On the outside we are a smoothie and health food store that uses all natural ingredients in all of our products, but I wholeheartedly believe Purpose is a lot more than that, to my team and I, Purpose is a lifestyle.

The name, Purpose, comes from the way my mother, Devi Ralla, lived a purpose-driven life. She was the most inspirational person I’ve ever met, and had the ability to light up any room she stepped foot in. People wondered how she was so happy and full of energy all the time, and it was because she simply did things that she enjoyed to do. We exist to continue her legacy and encourage people to find their purpose and pursue it, all while living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

- Braeden Ralla, Founder of Purpose Smoothie Co.

Our Vision

To inspire and fuel the world, one smoothie at a time.


What Fuels Us?

We live by the virtue of fuelling with purpose every day, and that starts with putting the right foods in your body. At Purpose, we meticulously source all our ingredients to bring you the most nutritious and delicious superfood smoothies and meals possible. Our passion is making daily nutrition as easy as possible for you. With every single one of our products, our goal is to bring you the focus and energy you need to get through your day.