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Matcha pUre™ - Single Serving Ceremonial Matcha

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My Matcha Life Matcha pUre™ Singles are convenient single serving ceremonial matcha, go anywhere packets of healthy energy, mental focus and calm well-being. Perfect for home, office, gym or travel. Shake it up hot or cold. Each packet of Matcha pUre™ Singles contains a smooth tasting serving (1.5 grams) of 100% Japanese ceremonial grade matcha tea. Matcha pUre™ is nothing but richly pure, hand-picked, stone-ground matcha tea powder. Each packet has the health benefits of 10 (yes 10) cups of regular green tea.

Suggested Use:  Add 1 single sachet into a shaker bottle or water bottle.  Add 8-10oz  water or desired beverage and shake vigorously.  


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